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Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing in Oklahoma

Minor cracks on your concrete floors do not always call for immediate slab replacement. If the damage isn’t anything major and has nothing to do with the steel foundation, concrete resurfacing can do the trick. So, when signs of wear and tear start to show up, give a call to Hawkeye Custom Concrete, your neighborhood concrete resurfacing contractor in Tulsa and surrounding areas in Oklahoma. We can give your floors a makeover by installing decorative concrete overlays that match the aesthetics of your home or office at a fraction of the replacement cost and hassle.

What is Concrete Overlay and Resurfacing?

Concrete is known for its unmatched durability. However, with time and without regular maintenance, it begins to show imperfections like cracks, discoloration, peeling, etc. The common and cost-effective solution to this used by most concrete resurfacing companies is pouring a cement-based overlay on the existing concrete slab. This creates a smooth surface which when dried, adds to the strength of the concrete floor. These overlays can be sprayed on different colors, given different textures, stained, stamped, etc. to achieve a decorative look.

Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing Solutions in Oklahoma

Decorative Concrete Overlays & Resurfacing

Get unlimited design patterns with decorative concrete overlays – from cobblestone to Ashlar slate to hardwood, and more. Being a leading decorative concrete overlay contractor in Oklahoma, we offer a variety of design options, textures, and finishes to customize any residence or business.

Stamped Concrete Overlays & Resurfacing

Get dramatic results with our stamped concrete overlay designs to emulate slate, tile, brick, wood, etc. Our patterns are highly detailed. For example, we can make wood patterns to look like wood with authentic knot holes, distressed wood, smooth panels, etc. Or, you can choose common patterns like medallions, sunbursts, etc.

Polyester Concrete Overlays & Resurfacing

This is a great option for bridge overlays, roadways, highways, etc. due to its rapid curing time. Hire the best polyester concrete overlay contractors at Hawkeye Custom Concrete to restore your aging concrete floors with decorative outcomes.

Epoxy Concrete Overlays & Resurfacing

Add strength to your concrete floors with epoxy overlays that create a high-performing surface. Epoxy overlays have endless finish options which include metallic shine, terrazzo-like flakes, integral colors, and more. Get seamless, slip-resistant floors that look great.

Polished Concrete Overlays & Resurfacing

Sometimes damaged concrete floors do not need overlays. Small imperfections like hairline cracks can be mended by grinding and polishing the concrete. Our polishing methods harden the concrete and make it less porous, converting damaged concrete to a finished floor.

Interior and Exterior Concrete Overlays

Hawkeye Custom Concrete is the trusted concrete overlay contractor near you that provides interior and exterior concrete resurfacing services. Protect your concrete slabs with overlays and transform them into stunning works of art.

Benefits of Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is the smart choice for hiding minor imperfections on your concrete floor without breaking the bank. It requires fewer materials and hours to finish the job than re-installation. The hassle and mess are significantly less since there is no need to tear out the old concrete and pour out a new slab. Not only does resurfacing save you time but also allows for a multitude of design outcomes – from color to texture. Additionally, it increases the resilience of your concrete floor protecting it from further damage.

Residential and Commercial Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing

More and more business and homeowners are choosing concrete due to its durability and decorative aspect. Naturally, the demand for concrete overlays has increased along with concrete resurfacing contractors to take care of imperfections with style.

Commercial Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing

  • Manufacturing Plant
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution Plant
  • Laboratory
  • Factory Flooring
  • Aircraft Hangar
  • Retail Store
  • Shopping Mall
  • Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant
  • School and University
  • Showroom
  • Retail spaces, etc.

Residential Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing

  • Garage
  • Basement
  • Driveway
  • Patio
  • Pool deck
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Hallway

Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing Service Areas

We provide concrete resurfacing services in Tulsa Metro area including:

  • Owasso
  • Bixby
  • Jenks
  • Broken Arrow
  • Collinsville
  • Claremore, etc

Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing Services FAQs

Yes. Concrete overlays are placed over existing concrete to upgrade and repair it. They can be stamped, colored, polished, etc. to create decorative outcomes.

Concrete overlays are highly durable and add strength to your floors. However, they can crack due to factors like poor installation, poor construction practices, etc.

The thickness of concrete overlays depends on your requirement. They can be as thin as ¼ inch and as thick as 2 inches.

Years of fading and cracking can leave driveways unsightly. Resurfacing it will enhance its appearance while increasing durability.

Yes. If you have a damaged concrete overlay that is crumbling at places, remove the crumbles first and then pry up the overlay from underneath and break it up into small pieces as you go. It’s wise to hire a contractor to do the job so that the substrate does not get damaged.

Concrete Overlays and Resurfacing Contractor Near You in Tulsa, OK

If you are looking for concrete overlay contractors near you, Hawkeye Custom Concrete is one of the leading flooring companies in Oklahoma that you can rely on. Call us at 918.419.2660 and we will assist you with your requirements.