Stained Concrete Flooring

Stained Concrete Flooring in Oklahoma City

If you think concrete looks uninspiring and bland, think again. That bland gray cement surface is a blank canvas. You can stain it any color or pattern to emulate polished marble, tanned leather, stained wood, and even natural stone. Our stained concrete flooring contractors in Tulsa, OK and surrounding areas will upgrade your floors to look exactly the way you want at an affordable cost and short installation time.

What is Stained Concrete Flooring?

Concrete staining is one of the most popular ways to add appeal to commercial and residential spaces. Unlike paint, concrete stain penetrates the surface of the concrete leaving a permanent color that does not fade, flake off, or peel away. Revive dull concrete surfaces with acid-based chemical stains or water-based acrylics and get dazzling outcomes by hiring Hawkeye’s concrete staining services.

Types of Concrete Stains We Install in Oklahoma

Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Add character to your floors with acid stains that penetrate and react chemically with the concrete surface to create translucent and variegated earth tones similar to the appearance of marble, granite, or wood.

Water-based Concrete Stain

Choose bold, youthful floors with water-based staining that gives you a wider spectrum of shades and color palette than acid stain. Since there is no chemical reaction involved, you get a more consistent color and you can control how light or deep you want the shade to be.

Concrete Dyes

Solvent and water-based dyes yield vibrant and soft colors respectively. Dyes can be used to even out acid stains and create custom floor graphics.

Integral Concrete Color

Get creative with your floors by choosing integral color where color pigments are directly added to the concrete mix to create a homogeneous effect that is UV stable. This makes it ideal for outdoor spaces like patios, pool decks, etc.

Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Metallic epoxy coating is a great alternative to stained and dyed concrete. Epoxy floors are highly durable, low maintenance, and stain-resistant. The metallic look is achieved by the addition of mica pigments which reflect light and create a sophisticated, unique look.

Exterior Concrete

Topically sealing exterior stained concrete surfaces protect them from UV rays that can cause discoloration. Get your exterior concrete resealed every few years by concrete staining contractors in Tulsa and surrounding areas to extend its lifespan.

Interior Concrete

Protect your stained interior concrete and overlays with epoxy, sealers that are solvent and water-based, urethane, etc.

Concrete Staining Services We Offer in Tulsa, OK

Residential Stained Concrete Installation

Why settle for boring carpet floors when you can have so much more with stained concrete? Contact Hawkeye Custom Concrete, your go-to stained concrete flooring contractor for a modern flooring option that looks great and is easy to maintain.

Commercial Concrete Staining Services

Have your floors reflect your company’s brand with stained concrete options specifically designed for large interior or exterior floors. Concrete, being highly durable, is a great choice for areas that receive heavy foot and machine traffic and it can also result in substantial cost savings.

Stained Concrete Finishing Services

A good finishing work leaves the concrete surface looking smooth throughout. Being a top stained concrete contractor in Tulsa, OK, we use the best tools and equipment to first grind the surface, stain, and then polish it to achieve the right result in the shortest downtime.

Stained Concrete Maintenance

Factors like the absence of joints or grout lines make concrete an easy-to-maintain solution. We also work with your requirements and budget to develop maintenance plans that include resealing, polishing, etc.

Benefits of Stained Concrete Floors

In addition to giving your floors an aesthetically pleasing look, concrete stains do not peel, chip, or fade. Sealing it with urethane or epoxy further preserves the finish. Stained concrete is highly durable and extremely easy to maintain making it a popular choice for residential and commercial properties. Since concrete does not trap mold, dust, or other allergens, it helps improve indoor air quality. And all of these long-lasting benefits come at an affordable cost.

Residential and Commercial Concrete Staining Services

Whether you want a contemporary, traditional, architectural, or any unique flooring style, our expert stained concrete flooring contractors will make it happen for you.

Commercial Polished Concrete Flooring

  • Warehouse
  • Distribution plant
  • Manufacturing plant
  • Factory
  • Laboratory
  • School and university
  • Retail stores, shopping malls
  • Showrooms

Residential Polished Concrete Flooring

  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Patio
  • Garage
  • Pool deck
  • Basement
  • Driveway
  • Walkway

Stained Concrete Flooring Service Areas

  • Tulsa
  • Owasso
  • Bixby
  • Jenks
  • Broken Arrow
  • Collinsville
  • Claremore, etc.

Stained Concrete Floor Installation FAQs

Stained concrete is a popular option among homeowners due to its unique appeal combined with durability and affordability. It is easy to maintain and is stain and slip-resistant.

With proper maintenance, stained concrete can last a lifetime. Sealing the surface helps preserve the stain and prevents it from discoloration.

Stained concrete lasts longer since the stain penetrates the concrete surface. It is also lower maintenance and looks beautiful.

A basic one-color stain job can cost anywhere between $2 and $4 per square foot. However, costs can go as high as $12 to $25 per square foot for high-end staining work that includes stenciling, hand staining, etc.

Yes, stained or stamped concrete increases home resale value owing to its aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Yes, our concrete staining services include staining old concrete along with replacing floors completely. 


Trusted Stained Concrete Flooring Contractor in Tulsa, Oklahoma

If you are looking to upgrade your floors with stained concrete or replace your current flooring, Hawkeye’s concrete stain services near you are just what you need. Give us a call at 918.419.2660 and we will be happy to give you a free quote.